Inkjet Magnet

Inkjet magnet paper is great for making your own save the date magnets, team schedules, refrigerator magnets, business cards, party favors, magnetic signs, holiday greeting magnets, educational tools, warehouse rack labeling, and much more.

We offer a large selection of inkjet magnet paper. Several thicknesses to choose from as well as glossy or matte finish. Also available are business card die cut sheets allowing you to print your own magnetic business cards. These sheets have 10 business cards on a sheet, and break apart cleanly after printing.

We carry 8 mil and 12 mil thicknesses. Mil stands for thousands of an inch. The higher the mil of the magnet the thicker (and stronger) it will be.

Inkjet Magnet Sheets - Glossy FinishGlossy Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper creates beautiful magnets right out of your home. Perfect for advertising, calendars, photos, etc. Easily cut with scissors.

Available in 8mil and 12mil thicknesses.


Business Card Die-Cut Inkjet Magnet SheetsDie-cut Inkjet Printable Magnet Sheets make printing your own business cards at home simple! 8mil thick and includes 10 cards per sheet. Works with any desktop Inkjet printer. Not designed for laser printer use.